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Auto insurance in Cranford, Kenilworth, Scotch Plains, NJ

By Personal Insurance

Auto insurance is a must, not an option

You have many options when it comes to auto insurance. Irrespective of the options the important the amount of coverage, the reliability of your coverage and the cost. When you get the best of these three, you get best value car and auto insurance. If you want best value auto coverage in Cranford NJ, East Brunswick NJ, Edison NJ, Kenilworth NJ, New Jersey or Scotch Plains, then American Insurance can help. Read More

Commercial insurance in Edison, Springfield, New Jersey

By Business Insurance

Everything that you need to know about commercial insurance

Are you looking for a company that offers commercial insurance? Relax, help is at hand. We at American Insurance offer a wide range of insurance plans for different commercial needs. In fact, we offer dependable coverage to different businesses ranging from Trucking, Transportation, Technology, Wholesaler, Retailer, Public Entity, Medical, Manufacturing, Legal, Hospitality, Habitational, Forestry, Education, Real Estate Development and Construction. We are insured and bonded, so you can confidently rely on us. We understand every business has a unique need and thus we can offer you with a coverage choice your business requires for absolute financial security. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Cranford, NJ and New Jersey. Read More

Car insurance in Cranford, Kenilworth and West Orange, NJ

By Personal Insurance

Car insurance plans- an inside perspective

Often you may be in a fix as to whether is it really necessary to buy a car insurance cover. You may think that it is an unnecessary investment, but if you think practically it is worth it as it plays a crucial role to keep you and your asset safe against all odds. Considering its importance, we at American Insurance offer these insurance plans for different types of cars and in different types. People residing in different parts of Cranford, NJ, New Jersey, Union NJ and West Orange NJ can make the most of our variegated insurance plans. Read More

Cranford, Edison, Westfield, Union, NJ business insurance

By Business Insurance

Business insurance and a Business Owner’s Policy

Business insurance can save the day when things go wrong and in business there are always things that can go wrong. However, you need the right commercial insurance for your type of business. That is not always straightforward since business insurance covers many areas and in complicated by nature. That is why it is a good idea to deal with an agent or broker who can give you proper information and the right advice. American Insurance can help you with cost effective business insurance in Cranford NJ, Edison NJ, New Jersey, Old Bridge or Scotch Plains. Read More

Auto insurance in Cranford, Old Bridge, Scotch Plains, NJ

By Personal Insurance

Auto insurance can save you from financial ruin

There are many ways to get auto insurance but there are just as many ways to get toxic car insurance. Toxic car insurance is the kind of cover that costs you more than it should and does not adequately cover your real risks. The opposite of toxic auto insurance is proper auto insurance that does not cost you more than it should and covers you for your real risks. If you want this kind of best value auto insurance in Cranford NJ, Edison NJ, Kenilworth NJ, New Jersey, Old Bridge or Scotch Plains, then you need to consult with the experts at American Insurance. Read More