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Car insurance in Cranford, Kenilworth and West Orange, NJ

By September 25, 2016July 17th, 2018Personal Insurance

Car insurance plans- an inside perspective

Often you may be in a fix as to whether is it really necessary to buy a car insurance cover. You may think that it is an unnecessary investment, but if you think practically it is worth it as it plays a crucial role to keep you and your asset safe against all odds. Considering its importance, we at American Insurance offer these insurance plans for different types of cars and in different types. People residing in different parts of Cranford, NJ, New Jersey, Union NJ and West Orange NJ can make the most of our variegated insurance plans.

What does a vehicle insurance policy generally cover?

It will cover the below mentioned 6 risk categories namely,

Accident/collision cover- this will offer the policy holder with injury and accident coverage if he/she sustains injury at the time of riding an insured car together with the damages and dents in the insured car

Bodily injury liability- it will offer bodily injury liability depending on the case

Comprehensive- this plan will exclude accidents yet include damage and theft of a vehicle resulting from natural calamities like falling objects, lightning, landslide, hurricane, flood, fire, explosion, earthquake and so on.

Medical- also called PIP or the Personal Injury Protection it will include medical treatment for injuries that the occupants of the policy holder’s car experiences during the accident. This can extend to comprise of lost wages, hospital or medical bills and other clauses that may differ

Property damage liability- this will offer coverage for damage to the third party property via the policy holder. In fact the property damage coverage is mostly defined

Uninsured motorist coverage- it will cover the treatment expenditure for the policyholder against injuries resulting from collision or accident with a driver or vehicle that is uninsured.

Apart from the aforementioned risks the other elements which can be included like add-on-risks resting on the request or need from policyholders include towing coverage, rental car coverage and auto replacement. For more information, call us now.