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N.J. governor issues emergency grace period on nonpayment cancellations

By Personal Insurance

Gov. Phil Murphy issued Executive Order 123 on April 9, 2020, to prohibit the cancellation of property/casualty, life and health insurance policies for a certain period of time.

Specifically, the executive order prohibits the cancellation of any property/casualty or life insurance policy for a period of at least 90 days. This includes any policies that are financed by a premium-finance company.

The order also prohibits the cancellation of health insurance policies, including dental plans, for a period of at least 60 days.

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Insurance in Springfield NJ, Edison NJ, Kenilworth NJ, and the Surrounding Areas

By Personal Insurance

Have you recently met with an accident? Or has the structure of your home collapsed due to a disaster? As there are events that can take a heavy financial toll on you as well as your loved ones, the least you can do is to be prepared for the worst. And that is the reason why every individual and business must possess 3 main insurance coverage i.e., Auto insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Business Insurance. And if you are looking for reliable assistance on getting the right insurance coverage in areas like Cranford NJ and East Brunswick NJ, then come to us, at American Insurance, as we will provide you with the aforementioned policies and more along with the much-needed guidance by our licensed insurance agents. Read More

Contractors Insurance in Kenilworth NJ, Scotch Plains, Springfield NJ, and the Surrounding Areas

By Business Insurance

No matter how well you run your construction or contracting business, there is no way to safeguard yourself against the unpredictable accidents or tragedies that may arise. So, to protect your business, it is essential to get contractors insurance coverage. In the event of any unforeseen events, the insurance will offer the much needed financial security to keep your business afloat. If you reside in and around areas Cranford NJ, Kenilworth NJ, Old Bridge, Scotch Plains or Springfield NJ, and are looking for a professional insurance agent who can help you understand the details of your insurance policy, then come to us at American Insurance. We are a reputable insurance services agency who has been helping individuals and businesses with their insurance needs since 1976. Read More

Homeowners Insurance in Edison NJ, Union NJ, Old Bridge, and the Surrounding Areas

By Personal Insurance

American Insurance offers best value homeowners insurance throughout Cranford NJ, East Brunswick NJ, Edison NJ, New Jersey, Old Bridge and Scotch Plains. Best value insurance is reliable and offers the best coverage at the lowest price. American Insurance can help protect your financial investment in your home. It does not matter whether you have a free-standing home, a vacation home, a condo, an apartment or even a home under construction. They can help you with the right homeowner’s insurance. Read More

What are the Benefits of Having Business Insurance in New Jersey, Springfield NJ, West Orange NJ, Westfield NJ, Woodbridge NJ?

By Business Insurance

You have invested a huge amount in building your own business. Hence, protecting it should be your topmost priority. Do not let your business doom immediately after opening its doors. And, to help you business overcome it’s doomsday, the best step will be to get a good business insurance plan from us, American Insurance. Read More

Good Reasons to Invest in an Auto Insurance in Cranford NJ, East Brunswick NJ, Edison NJ, Kenilworth NJ, New Jersey, Old Bridge

By Personal Insurance

Every human being regrets when they come up with an incidence, where they actually realize that they could have saved themselves from the trouble, if they had been more alert.  Predicting the future is impossible and at times, random bad luck may put a person in an inopportune situation. But, some preparation indeed can make a difference. Read More

Home Insurance and Auto Insurance in East Brunswick, Edison, Union, Scotch Plains NJ, and Surrounding Areas

By Personal Insurance

American Insurance can help you with affordable and reliable home insurance in East Brunswick NJ, Edison NJ, Old Bridge, Scotch Plains, Springfield NJ or Union NJ. Your home is such as big investment that you cannot risk toxic home insurance. You want home insurance that is good and proper and covers you for your real risks. Read More

Business Insurance and Car Insurance in Springfield, Edison, Union, and New Jersey’s Surrounding Areas

By Business Insurance

Often people running a business feel that getting it insured is an expense which is not within their means or is indeed a luxury for higher established businesses. Yes of course it is a little expensive, yet this is an expense which every business irrespective of its existence time or size or the industry requires including in their budget. To make your task easier, we at American Insurance offer a wide range of business insurance plans to people living in different parts of Edison NJ, New Jersey, Scotch Plains, Springfield NJ, Union NJ and West Orange NJ. Read More