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Cranford, East Brunswick, Edison, Union, West Orange, New Jersey homeowners insurance

By April 3, 2017July 17th, 2018Personal Insurance

A home is where the heart is, so as a homeowner, it is your prime responsibility to keep it safe and protected. And to make your process easier, we at American Insurance offer a wide range of homeowners insurance and at different budget range to help you pick a cover that best suits your needs and budget. Our agents are certified and highly trained and will guide you all through the selection process to help you make an informed decision. Our service areas include the different parts of Cranford, NJ, East Brunswick, NJ, Edison NJ, New Jersey, Union NJ and West Orange NJ.

What it will cover?

The standard cover will offer you protection against common occurrences such as theft and fire and also less common occurrences such as dog bites, accidents within the pool area, ice dams, jewelry, electronic goods and so on and so forth. But when you choose a customized quote automatically you can select the amount and the coverage type including,

Dwelling- it will offer repair or replacement cost for your home or any other structure such as the tool shed or the garage gets damaged or needs a complete covered loss

Personal possessions- offer repair or replacement cost for personal possessions such as appliances, clothing and furniture if they deemed a complete covered loss or are damaged

Home protector plus- it will pay for the unforeseen expenditure while replacing a personal property or rebuilding the home

Valuables- it will offer coverage for your high value items like camera equipment, art or jewelry

Liability- it will offer protection to a person if he/she gets injured accidently on your premise

Inflation protection- it will help in adjusting the limits of your coverage at the renewal of your policy to keep at par with the inflation

To know more call us today. Cranford, West Orange, East Brunswick, New Jersey homeowners insurance from American Insurance is the most competitive and affordable available in your area.