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Business insurance in Cranford, Kenilworth, Westfield, NJ

By January 31, 2017July 17th, 2018Business Insurance

Learn more about the different types of business insurance and their benefits

From day one an entrepreneur begins a business, she/he expose themselves to certain risks. In fact, even prior to the very first employee gets hired, the business is indeed at risk, thus making it significant in having the most appropriate insurance in place. In order to protect you against these dangers we at American Insurance offer a wide range of business insurance plans. The areas that we serve include the different parts of East Brunswick, NJ, Edison NJ, New Jersey, Scotch Plains, and Westfield NJ.

Types of insurance to safeguard your business

Professional liability insurance- also called E&O (errors and omissions) insurance, this plan will cover a business from negligence claims because of the harm which results from failure to perform or from mistakes.

Property insurance- no matter you lease or own a space for business, property insurance undoubtedly is a must. It will cover furniture, inventory, signage and equipment during theft, fire or storm.

Workers’ compensation insurance- adding this insurance coverage immediately after an employee is hired is essential. It will cover death and disability benefits and also medical treatment should an employee get injured or even dies due to his work in that business

Home based business- if you run a home based business we can offer you with an additional insurance in order to cover your inventory and equipment during a problem

Car insurance- your company vehicles must be fully insured for protecting your business from liability during an accident.

Product liability insurance- especially if you make products for sale, you should invest in a product liability insurance. It will protect you in case of any form of damages caused to your products with coverage accessible to be specifically tailored to a specific form of product

Business interruption insurance- during a catastrophic event or disaster, the operations of your business is likely to get interrupted. It is here where business interruption insurance can help. It will help in compensating your business for the lost income at the time of these events

So if you wish to keep away from a massive financial loss because of a catastrophic event or a lawsuit get the right business insurance coverage from us.