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Most Common Homeowners Claims and Tips To Avoid Them

By July 29, 2020August 18th, 2020Personal Insurance

Approximately 97% of homeowners insurance claims are the result of property damage. Here are the most common types and tips from American Insurance on how you can avoid them:

1. Wind & Hail
The most common insurance claims that are filed have to do with damage from wind and hail. Make sure you inspect your roof before and after large storms and take note of any damage. Secure all outdoor equipment/valuables and install impact-resistant windows.

2. Water Damage & Freezing
Make sure to disconnect all hoses when you’re not actively using them. Cleaning your gutters may also help prevent any water damage to your home. When it’s cold outside, leave a few taps dripping so that your pipes don’t freeze and burst. Seal any cracks in the foundation of your house to prevent water damage.

3. Fire & Lightning
Unplug electronics and avoid using water during a lightning storm. Keep your grill at least 10 feet from your house to avoid fires. Make sure you don’t leave any candles or fireplaces unattended when lit. Test your smoke detectors periodically and replace any drained batteries.

4. Theft & Burglary
Invest in a security system like a doorbell camera or an alarm system. When you are on vacation leave a few lights on and ask a trusted family member or neighbor to collect your newspapers and mail. Make sure you lock your doors every time you leave and install a coded garage door opener.


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