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6 Ways to Protect Your Home from High Winds

By August 27, 2020Personal Insurance

1. Remove any dead trees
Protect your home from falling trees in your yard by cutting down any that are dead or sick. Trees that have large sections that don’t grow leaves are not strong and prone to falling. Contact a landscaping company who will be able to let you know if any trees in your yard pose a risk to your home.

2. Secure your outdoor furniture
Batten down the hatches! In the event of high winds, any outdoor furniture may be swept up and cause damage to your home or your neighbors’. Before a storm with high winds, make sure you either bring any outdoor furniture inside or anchor it to something solid.

3. Install functioning shutters
While also giving your house a facelift, new shutters will protect your windows from strong winds. Make sure you can fully shut and latch your shutters so no debris breaks or cracks your windows.

4. Park your car under cover
While this may not protect your home, parking your car in a secure location (like in your garage or under a carpark) can protect it from falling trees in the area.

5. Have your roof inspected regularly
A weak roof can be the difference between minor damage and a destroyed home. Make you’re your roof is inspected and maintained regularly so you’re prepared for the next windstorm or hurricane.

6. Update your homeowners insurance
Having an accurate homeowners insurance policy is an important step to protecting your home. While it may not be something that you can physically do, it will cover any damage that may occur in a storm.


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