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6 Philanthropic Insurance Companies

Nowadays, more people are challenging the companies they use to be socially and ethically conscious. This includes their insurance companies! Many insurance providers have upped their game in the world of corporate responsibility, here are just a few that we at American Insurance partner with:

1. Allstate
Allstate provides millions of dollars in grants every year to organizations that uphold their core pillars: empowering youth, ending domestic violence, transforming communities, and developing nonprofit leaders. Allstate employees also offer hands-on support by volunteering at organizations that maintain these goals.

2. Liberty Mutual
Similarly, the Liberty Mutual Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations that support men, women, and children facing homelessness and educational resources to children living in poverty. Liberty Mutual also has the Liberty Torchbearers program and an annual day of service which encourages their employees to volunteer in their communities.

3. Nationwide
Nationwide partners with the American Red Cross, Feeding America, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, United Way. They also reward their philanthropic employees who volunteer on their own time with paid time off and a grant to the nonprofit at which they volunteer.

4. Progressive
While Progressive doesn’t provide financial support directly to charities, they match any employee’s charitable contributions. Progressive also donates vehicles to veterans who are facing financial hardship through their Keys to Progress program – to date, they’ve donated over 600 vehicles.

USLI focuses their philanthropic programs on coaching and mentoring children in the Greater Philadelphia and southern New Jersey areas. They partner with 20 nonprofits locally and country-wide to provide support.

6. Chubb
In an effort to mobilize against COVID-19, Chubb has provided millions in support to those most affected by the pandemic. They partner with almost a dozen organizations to provide personal protective equipment and insurance coverage to workers on the frontline, financial support to small businesses, extra supplies to food banks, etc. Chubb is also helping to fund the search for a treatment or vaccine by partnering with the Rockefeller University.

American Insurance is proud to work with these companies who are making continued efforts to support charitable causes!