Arborist and tree service insurance in New Jersey.

Being an arborist and tree servicer is a dangerous job with its own fair share of unique risks. All it takes is the wrong branch to snap for you to suffer a devastating loss. You’ll need specialized arborist and tree service insurance to cover you and your employees from the ground up into the trees.

Your work involves a lot of travel and equipment.

Whether you’re a certified arborist or a tree servicer, your job requires you to travel out to job sites with your—often expensive—equipment in tow. What happens if that equipment gets damaged while you’re on the road? That’s where an inland marine insurance policy comes in. It can help protect your tools and instruments while you’re on the job-site and traveling between locations. It’s a key part of your arborist and tree service insurance coverage.

Working as an arborist or tree servicer is dangerous.

There’s no denying the work you do is dangerous, which is why having a comprehensive arborist and tree service insurance policy in place is important. When you’re high up in the trees, anything could go wrong, resulting in an injury to your employees. You’ll need workers’ compensation insurance that specifically covers arborists and tree work to make sure your employees get the compensation they need.

Tree work doesn’t just pose dangers to your employees.

Just like anything can happen to your employees while on the job, anything could happen to your clients too. Say you’re working on a tree and a heavy branch gets away from you, crashing into your client’s house and breaking several windows. You’re liable for that damage. The same applies to any injury your client might accidentally sustain from your work. A good general liability policy will help protect you against loss due to injury or damage, which is why it’s a cornerstone of a comprehensive arborist and tree service insurance policy. For tree servicers who aren’t certified arborists, a general liability policy is especially important if damages result from mistakes you’ve made.

The business side of arboriculture and tree servicing.

If you’re an arborist or a tree servicer, there are some basic insurance coverages you’ll want to consider. Business auto insurance is an important coverage considering the amount of traveling you do, as it offers protection in the event that a vehicle used for business purposes is involved in an accident. A business owners insurance (BOP) policy is also something to consider since it combines the protection of commercial liability and commercial property under a single policy.

If you need guidance on what arborist and tree service insurance your business needs, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about this specialized coverage.

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