Risk Management for New Jersey.

We provide Risk Management services that meet the needs of today’s companies. We study the diverse nature of 21st century commercial endeavors, utilizing proven processes to analyze and address the risks they face.
There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.  – John F. Kennedy

Without risk, there is no reward, no innovation, no progress and no achievement. Few great rewards come without some measure of risk. For every action there is a reaction, a consequence, which can be positive, negative or a combination of the two. When there’s an unknown that stands between you and your goal, that unknown is the risk you face.

It’s more than buying the right insurance

Risk Management is the methodical process of discerning, evaluating and contending with these unknowns in a manner that maximizes the potential of achievement while reducing the potential of loss and/or other associated adverse results.

Comprehensive solutions that protect your bottom line

Everyone knows that diagnosis before an examination is malpractice. The same principle applies to successful risk management. American Insurance Services Agency carefully analyzes your exposures before we tailor a program that reduces your financial risk. Our process ensures you receive the advantage of years of experience and practical expertise and includes:

  • Comprehensive Exposure Evaluation
    • We look beneath the surface to address both the obvious exposures as well as those financial risks so often overlooked. From liabilities from outside influences to employee concerns, we work diligently to uncover the issues that could damage your company today and tomorrow.
  • Program Design and Presentation
    • We weigh each individual risk, comparing costs and benefits. Based on our findings, we present a program that addresses your risk exposure clearly and carefully. We deliver the information you need to make an informed determination when choosing the options that protect your company
  • Insurance Company Options
    • As an independent insurance agency, American Insurance Services Agency represents the industry’s most trusted and financially secure insurance carriers. In designing your program, we only consider insurance companies that offer coverage for your specific risks while considering their financial strength, their customer claims satisfaction record and the client support services they offer
  • PERSONAL Support
    • At American Insurance Services Agency, we believe that communication is the key to developing client trust and establishing long-term relationships. Our goal is to make sure our explanation of services and benefits is satisfactory to each individual client. We provide answers to every question. You’ll know everything you want and need to know.

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